AgXeed at Innov-Agri 2023

05.09.2023 – 07.09.2023, Outarville, France

For more than 30 years, the France Agricole Group has imagined an open-field event whose objective is to bring farmers closer to suppliers in the sector under real conditions of use. A meeting where farmers, breeders, entrepreneurs, … come to train, learn and discover new techniques, new processes in situation.

In 2023 Innov-Agri will take place in the Loiret, where many exhibitors will unveil their innovations “in real life”!

And because in our world everything goes fast, the immediacy of the Internet, networks, text messages, etc. leads us to run more and more, a meeting like Innov-Agri, where we take the time to exchanging in a friendly atmosphere, concretely digging into subjects, becomes essential to nurture one’s projects.

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