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Manage your farm through our application

Manage your
farm through
our application

Four easy steps to autonomy


Configure your combinations of tractors and AgBot with implements.


Plan your task in advance. Even the whole season, if you wish.


Watch the AgBot working on a map or through a camera.


Use the gathered data for better performance in upcoming tasks.

Virtual shed

View and easily manage your AgBots in one virtual place. Always have a conscise overview of all your AgBots and attached implements.



Setup the field

A certified specialist will measure and set up your fields onsite. You won’t need to move a muscle.


Add machines

Your personal AgBots already welcome you, once you open the Portal first time. All basic settings are done for you in advance.


Add implements

Add as many implements you want. Your certified AgXeed distributor will help you to get the right measurements and settings.

Plan tasks

Create a new task, send it to the AgBot and let it work. Our portal will calculate the best possible route for the specific job for each field in one simple interaction.



Task progress

A certified specialist will measure and set up your fields onsite. You won’t need to move a muscle.


Live view

Turn on the front camera to view detected obstacles or have a look at the rear camera to check your AgBot and its connected implement busy with work.


Adapt on the go

You can change, pause or stop tasks anytime you want.

Manage from everywhere

With all its functions, the portal is available on any device, from phone to desktop. Stay in control from the comfort of your home or bring it on the go.

Optimize your farming based on gathered data

Data examples

Fuel rate per hour

Gives an insight how much energy is put into your field operations

Engine power or engine torque (kW or Nm)

Shows off your field conditions. While working with cultivators the values indicate different soil types or compacted areas.

PTO power or pto torque (kW or Nm)

Gives an insight how much energy is put into pto driven applications like spading or mowing. Can be related to soil conditions or cut green mass.

ETA calculation

Precise calculation of the time left to finish the job. Enhanced planning abilities to turn out working peaks.

Farmers frequently ask

Please check out our distribution & service locator. Our partners are happy to organize a demo or visit to one of our current customers.

Our distribution partners will first survey your field by hand of GNSS technology. Afterwards they will upload the geofences into you personal AgXeed portal account. Once you log into the portal, your AgBots are already in there. To complete the story, our distribution partners will also digitize your implements, which will then be virtually connected to your AgBots in the portal. Now you are ready to set up your first tasks.

Select a field, choose one of your AgBot-Implement combinations and define your desired process parameters like working speed, working depth or hydraulic control valve settings. Afterwards you choose your desired reference A-B line and then the portal takes over and creates automatically the whole routing and task.

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