Our solutions

Autonomous solution to your farming needs

Maximum gain for minimum effort

Time flexibility
and saving resources

Guided by smart algorithms, AgBots can operate non stop and unsupervised up to 23 hours and save not only time, but also all input resources: energy, fertilizer, water, seeds, etc.

Plan ahead,
optimize as you go

AgXeed Portal allows the farmer to plan all necessary operations well in advance of the season, with several scenarios for each operation, depending on unpredictable cicrumstances.

Improve yield by precision farming

Algorithms and data models which are built in the cloud, add intelligence to the mechanical precision of the machine. As a result, it improves the quality and very often the quantity of the yield.

Data to support all your business decisions

We deliver traceability data in an automated way, increasing the value of your products and supporting your selling price towards distributors & retailers.

Technological AgXcellence

control valves



front and rear

3-point linkage




Meet the AgBots

Farming starts here: Your AgXeed Portal

Manage, set up, control, and gather data received by AgBots in one intuitive application from anywhere.

“With the smart farm management portal to which the AgBot is linked to, we can plan, execute and monitor the entire working process on the farm. It provides insights of our field processes we never had before, even before we go out into the field.”
Peter Van Osch
P. v. Osch groenteproducties

Farmers frequently ask

Please check out our distribution & service locator. Our partners are happy to organize a demo or visit to one of our current customers.

Our distribution partners will first survey your field by hand of GNSS technology. Afterwards they will upload the geofences into you personal AgXeed portal account. Once you log into the portal, your AgBots are already in there. To complete the story, our distribution partners will also digitize your implements, which will then be virtually connected to your AgBots in the portal. Now you are ready to set up your first tasks.

Select a field, choose one of your AgBot-Implement combinations and define your desired process parameters like working speed, working depth or hydraulic control valve settings. Afterwards you choose your desired reference A-B line and then the portal takes over and creates automatically the whole routing and task.