Our Mission

Why AgXeed was founded

We believe in farming

Why do we do what we do?

We believe in a way of farming, where the agricultural entrepreneur is able to make the most of his land, his crops and the environment. For now and for future generations.

How do we do that?

Together with them we will change the status quo of farming. Sustainable agriculture can work out for everyone! The key to that is true autonomy: freedom and flexibility for the farmer in the way he cultivates his land and manages his farm.

What do we do?

AgXeed provides the all-in autonomy solution. A smart and ready to use autonomy system with scalable and customizable hardware, virtual planning tools and valuable data models.

Through our solutions farmers will have more time to make the right decisions. Our products will ensure that farmers get the time to do what they do best; farming and to handle the resources that have been given to us in a careful way. The most modern techniques will regain interest of a new generation into agriculture – with the ultimate goal to ensure that there is enough food grown in a sustainable way to feed the entire world population.