Our story

From idea to product in 4 years

We pave the way to an autonomous
agriculture world

The goal to free farmers from the need to spend endless monotonous hours in the cabin of their tractor was as important as the goal to free the soil from the ever-increasing weight of modern tractors —between twenty and thirty tons as the products keep chasing productivity parameters. Four founders came together in the summer of 2018 to fulfill these goals – and AgXeed was founded.

AgXeed founders

Joris Hiddema

Co-Founder & CEO


Lars Schmitz

Co-Founder & CTO


Sander Pop

Co-Founder & COO


Rienk Landstra

Co-Founder & CFO/CPO


Summer 2018

AgXeed start-up founded

The four founders were convinced that what they were creating would be a revolution for the farming industry—a unique product.

December 2019

First fully functional prototype

After only 20 months our efficient team, able to be open and critical with each other, rolled out their first fully functional prototype.


Two years of intensive testing

For the following 2 years we were testing, collecting customer feedback, improving the machinery, cloud, and software, and showcasing the products to the farming audience.


Fully ready for
commercial sales


Autonomous agriculture world

AgXeed and the people behind the brand are now expanding their footprint in the industry with their rapidly growing global distribution and are considered a leading company in the autonomous agriculture world.

Real farmers’ experience

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