Our team

The team behind AgXeed has over 70 years of combined knowledge
and experience
in the development of agricultural machines and
equipment with today’s market leaders in the agricultural sector.
Joris Hiddema

Co-Founder & CEO


Lars Schmitz

Co-Founder & CTO


Sander Pop

Co-Founder & COO


Rienk Landstra

Co-Founder & CFO/CPO


Philipp Kamps

Product Management


Eric Bongaerts



Daan Schell

Testing & Validation


Chantal Kessels – Piepers

Business Administration

General info


Products & Services


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Our story
From idea to product in four years, AgXeed and the people behind the brand are expanding their footprint in the industry with their rapidly growing global distribution and are considered a leading company in the autonomous agriculture world.