AgBot 2.055W4

AgBot 2.055W4


Reach high capacity through continuity

Your versatile machine for light soil applications & maintenance

Various adjustable wheel configurations and track widths

Check the
AgBot W4 in action

Technological AgXcellence

control valves



front and rear

3-point linkage




State of the art safety features

Safety measures

Obstacle detection system

Drive train

Deutz Diesel Engine

2,9l 4-stroke Deutz Diesel Engine, stage 5 with 55kW / 75hp, max. torque of 300Nm

Electric driven PTO

Optional electric driven PTO (up to 55kW and 700V)

Electric drive train

Electric drive train with a speed range from 0-13.5 km/h

HighVoltage connectors

Optional HighVoltage connectors (up to 55kW and 700V)

Diesel tank

220l diesel tank


Hydraulic pump

85l/min at 210bar hydraulic pump

Rear linkage

Three point rear linkage cat 3
4t maximum lift capacity at hooks

Spool valves

Up to 3 double-acting proportional spool valves

Front linkage

Three point front linkage cat 2
1,5t maximum lift capacity at hooks

Load sensing

Optional Load Sensing

Machine dimensions

  • Length: 3850mm
  • Height: 1500mm
  • Width: min. 1960mm
  • Wheelbase: 2400mm
  • Empty weight: 3,2t

Wheel configuration

Wheel configurations from 270, 320, 710
Variable width adjustment between 1500 and 2250mm

Suggested end-customer price
Total*: € 205.000,- / 225.000,-
*Without dealer services, transport or customs fees, the suggested end customer price for AgBot 2.055W4 depending on the specification (see above)
Taking into account up to 90% labor savings while using the AgBot, as well as fuel economy and lower maintenance costs, our customers see on average 25-35% lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to a conventional tractor.

Communication and positioning

  • Communications module for bidirectional data transfer and RTK correction
  • RTK GNSS for precise guidance and safe positioning: +/- 2,5cm

Farming starts here: Your AgXeed Portal

Manage, set up, control, and gather data received by AgBots in one intuitive application from anywhere.

“The AgBot is very accurate and takes long tasks such as cultivating off our hands. The work that the AgBot delivers is high quality, better than average drivers”

Stan Vievermans
P. v. Osch Groenteproducties

Everyday tasks handled with ease

Soil preparation

  • Implement: 160cm bed spader
  • Speed: 5 km/h
  • PTO speed: 540 rpm
  • Fuel: 4 l/h
  • Soil: Light sand
  • Topography: flat


  • Implement: 3m rotary harrow with 3m mechanical drill
  • Speed: up to 5 km/h
  • Fuel: 6 l/h
  • Soil: loess
  • Topography: light slope

Crop care

  • Implement: 4 row mechanical maize weeder
  • Speed: up to 4 km/h
  • Fuel: 3 l/h
  • Soil: sand
  • Topography: flat

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Farmers frequently ask

Please check out our distribution & service locator. Our partners are happy to organize a demo or visit to one of our current customers.

Our distribution partners will first survey your field by hand of GNSS technology. Afterwards they will upload the geofences into you personal AgXeed portal account. Once you log into the portal, your AgBots are already in there. To complete the story, our distribution partners will also digitize your implements, which will then be virtually connected to your AgBots in the portal. Now you are ready to set up your first tasks.

Select a field, choose one of your AgBot-Implement combinations and define your desired process parameters like working speed, working depth or hydraulic control valve settings. Afterwards you choose your desired reference A-B line and then the portal takes over and creates automatically the whole routing and task.

Download AgBot 2.055W4 spec sheet and brochure

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