AgBot introduced in Czech Republic by Leading Farmers CZ, a.s.

Robots for food production and agricultural sustainability

On September 20, 2023, with the participation of AgXeed representatives, agricultural journalists and prominent farmers, our distributor Leading Farmers CZ, a.s. officially presented the AgXeed AgBot 5.115T2 at a press conference in Czech Republic. After that, a demonstration of the robotic machine took place on the grounds of the Zemědělská společnost Sloveč, a.s.
It is the first commercially available autonomous machine, which in its concept corresponds to a classic tractor and can aggregate with tools commonly available on farms. The machine puts our agriculture among the world’s technological leaders and will help meet the demanding requirements for competitive domestic food production in accordance with the requirements for nature and landscape protection. Representation for the Czech market was obtained by the company Leading Farmers CZ, a.s., which has long-term experience in implementing the latest technologies of precision agriculture in agricultural practice.

The AgXeed AgBot 5.115T2 autonomous field robot has track chassis and is interestingly driven by a diesel-electric unit, which gives it dynamic driving characteristics important for gentle movement on the soil and sufficient power utilization for efficient aggregation with agricultural implements. The use of robots will have far-reaching positives for agriculture:

  • Very precise application of fertilizers and pesticides thanks to guidance with an accuracy of up to +/- 2.5 cm ensures sufficient production of quality food while meeting demanding EU criteria for nature and landscape protection.
  • The deployment of fleets of robots will enable more efficient planning of cultivation areas and their cultivation, especially with regard to protection against soil erosion and an increase in the species diversity of agricultural areas.
  • Solving the problem of the shortage of workers in agriculture, which is striking especially in industrial regions.

The introduction of field robots into practice is not only an opportunity for more competitive agriculture, but also for Czech innovative companies, which will be able to take advantage of the opportunity in the next challenge, which will be to equip all agricultural machines with automated sensor systems so that the use of robots continues to become more efficient.

Leading Farmers CZ, a.s. – this is precision farming.

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