AgBot with 2 sets of tracks

We recently delivered an AgBot 5.115T2 with two set of tracks to a customer in the Netherlands.
This AgBot is delivered with 762mm wide tracks for the regular tasks in the field, but we also delivered an extra set of small tracks, mainly used for organic farming.

With the wider tracks the machine has the ability to work throughout the season, even during rain or when the fields are too wet for standard tractors to enter the fields.
The small tracks can be used very flexible with a variety of cash crops.

With organic farming, farmers need to go into the fields regularly, therefore it’s important to have a machine available that is able to go into the fields when needed, even on a rainy day.
The AgBot fits perfectly in organic farming, while the AgBot has minimal soil compaction.
This customer will mainly use the small tracks for weeding organic peas.

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