Agrihandler introducing the AgBot at the Agro Show

Last week, during the Agro Show in Bednary, Poland, our new distribution and service partner for Poland; Agrihandler, introduced the AgBot 5.115T2 in a spectacular way.
The Agro Show has been a very successful 3-day event with thousands of visitors and many interesting conversations.

Agrihandler is a leading distributor of agricultural machinery & robots in Poland, with a strong presence on the Polish market, operating with a high-skilled; well-trained; and very knowledgeable Service & Sales Team, from 18 well-equipped depots all over the country. Agrihandler has taken it upon itself to be in the forefront of New Generation Farming.
Together with our new distribution partner, we continue to be committed to delivering the best possible service and support to our customers and partners.
We look forward to working closely with Agrihandler to address the challenges faced by the agriculture sector, providing the benefits of autonomous solutions to farmers in North-East France.

AGROSHOW is the largest outdoor agricultural exhibition in Europe. 2018 marked the 20th edition of the exhibition. The event has become a permanent fixture on the calendar of agricultural exhibitions and every year brings together all the leading domestic and global brands of agricultural machinery and equipment. Agroshow is annually visited by more than 120,000 visitors, more than 100 journalists from the agricultural industry are accredited each year. Such a large number of visitors to the exhibition was an excellent opportunity to increase the recognition and prestige of well-known brands, but also an opportunity to present new , innovative products that are in the offer of Agrihandler, and in particular such novelties as the Agxeed tractor.
We are pleased to welcome Agrihandler to our esteemed network of partners and are #agxited to jointly provide autonomy to Polish farmers.

For more information about Agrihandler, visit their website:

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