Agrokoncernas – Award winning partner

We are proud to announce that our partners Agrokoncerno technika has received an innovation award with our AgBot. Agrokoncernas has been and still is instrumental in introducing the AgBot to farmers in Lithuania and is a vital partner in our mission to transform the agriculture industry with cutting-edge technologies.
Their expertise, dedication, hard work and enthusiasm will help us delivering autonomous solutions to their market.
We are thrilled to celebrate this achievement with Agrokoncerno technika and look forward to continuing our partnership to bring the benefits of autonomous solutions to farmers across Lithuania and beyond.

Quote from Arnas Radzevičius:
The biggest advantage of the AgXeed robot is that it can perform monotonous agricultural work without stopping. He does not need rest breaks, the machine is controlled by artificial intelligence. The robot’s operator can monitor its work through a special app, as well as see the entire route on the map, says the commercial director of the Agrokoncernas company.

Soon this robot will start its first work in the “Farm of the Future”. This is another big project of the Agrokoncerno group of companies. In this farm, the latest technologies are installed and tested, various scientific researches and tests are carried out.


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