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During the last weeks, our sales and support team has been on the road through France with an AgBot 5.115T2.
As part of our AgXperience Tour, a couple of successful demos were done within the last 2 weeks in different regions in France.
The first demo was done in Rouillon, at the Lycée Agricole AgroCampus in La Germinière.
During two days, we did demos with a 4m disc cultivator and 3m power harrow for 70+ students and other interested people.

The second demo was done the same week, in Boutigny-Prouais, at the farm of Mr. Thomas Perier.
Also here we’ve done two days of demoing with our machine with a 4m power harrow and 5m disc cultivator.
Many interested people joined the demos and we’ve had good discussions.

This week, we did our third demo in Dangeau at the farm of Mr. Emmanuel Belanger. Due to the weather we only did one day of demonstrations.
We did a demo with a 6m cultivator. The second day, the people were invited to the farm and went through pictures and discussed the machine.
Again many people attended and many interesting questions and conversations during these days.

Overall, very successful demos with lots of interest.

Click on the link to see the videos of the demonstrations: Videos

Click on this link to see our scheduled demos for the UK, France and Germany.

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