Customer experience Harm Kalfsbeek – Hungary

End of June, we delivered an AgBot 5.115T2 to our customer Harm Kalfsbeek in Hungary.
The machine has already made 200 hours and worked over 550 ha in one month. 

Harm Kalfsbeek, Owner of Europe Farming Hungary:

Our first experiences with the AgBot is as follows:
After one month, during 200 hours of operation, the machine worked 550 hectares.
After the technical training for the machine, I decided to operate the machine myself.
The reason for my decision was that the machine arrived right in the middle of the harvest, and I didn’t want to burden the production managers with this task.
Managing the AgBot is simple and easy to understand.
Maintenance does not require a lot of work. It’s fuel consumption is 10% lower than that of a tractor of a similar size.
One person could manage 2 – 3 autonomous tractors at once and with this, the machines would be able to operate up to 24 hours a day.

The AgBot’s 20-hour capacity corresponds to 10 hours of work with a 300hp tractor.
Now that the harvest is over at our company, I will introduce & train the employees work with the AgBot.
After the initial scepticism, it seems that people are enthusiastic and interested. They are starting to see the associated advantages for our company.
Low soil pressure gives more opportunities for mechanical weed control, as the soil is less compacted.
After discing, we plan to cultivate, roll after sowing, and ploughing is planned as well.
In practice, the AgBot can do what a 150hp tractor can do (except for road traffic).
Our plan is to use the machine for at least 1000 working hours by October 2023.

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