AgXperience Tour France

During the last couple of weeks, we have done many demonstrations with our AgBot 5.115T2 all across France. Demos with many different implements and a lot of different farms. We have seen many interested people and had good discussions with potential customers. Seeing the AgBot live in the field, does make a difference for many people in seeing the potential of the machines. As the weather has not always been good for doing demos, this did not stop us from explaining the possibilities of our machines. Click here to watch the videos live from the fields!

Some highlights of the demos:

  • Demos with several of our partners throughout France
  • 8+ different farms in different regions
  • 10+ demos in different farms
  • Lots of interested people
  • Privately held demo with producers of “Bonne Maman” jam
  • Nice BBQ

Join us in our AgXperience Tour. Check our website for upcoming demos.
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