AgXeed announces Groupe T3M as new distribution and service partner for the South of France

AgXeed has announced the appointment of Groupe T3M as its distribution and service partner for Southern France (departments 04, 06, 09, 11, 12, 31, 32, 34, 64, 65, 66, 81, 82, 83), effective from the beginning of Feb, 2024.

AgXeed places a high priority on its distribution partners having an innovative mindset, providing comprehensive service and maintaining a direct link to the customer. Groupe T3M’s extensive network and expertise in the agricultural industry will play a pivotal role in ensuring farmers and agricultural professionals have easy access to AgXeed’s cutting-edge technology solutions. 

The technology offered by AgXeed is more than just a machine – it represents a new way of farming. Therefore, AgXeed’s partners are expected to guide and support customers in the change management process. 

Groupe T3M, is a leading provider of agriculture products. With its strong presence and deep-rooted relationships in the agricultural sector, it is ideally positioned to deliver exceptional sales and service support for AgXeed’s range of products. Their team of highly skilled and knowledgeable staff will provide comprehensive service, training and assistance to AgXeed customers, ensuring quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction and success working with the machines. 

Pierre Lavail, CEO of Groupe T3M:

“We have been observing the road to automation for a number of years and serve a wide range of customers with semi-autonomous solutions to date, we are pleased to have found a supplier that is able to complete this solution with both the physical hardware and software to make full automation possible. To now be able to provide our customers with this machine further bolsters us as a full solutions provider for the land based industry.”

Joris Hiddema, CEO of AgXeed:

Autonomy is the next logical step in the development of modern professional agriculture, and it becomes more critical with each passing week and month as we are facing multiple resource crises. AgXeed enables an integrated approach to all processes on the farm, including planning, crop production, and distribution. While the machines are the most visible part of the product offering, the data portal that collects data and delivers actionable insights is instrumental to the total value delivered. With Groupe T3M we have found another excellent partner for the sales and service of our technology in Southern France.”

Together, AgXeed and Groupe T3M are in a strong position to address the challenges faced by the agricultural sector, providing farmers with real autonomy to manage their businesses sustainably and profitably. 

For further information please contact: 

Jonatan Mueller
Head of Sales Southern Europe  
+33 7 60 16 63 36


Thomas Sirmen
Responsable de la robotique at Groupe T3M
+33 7 71 91 14 91 

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