Events in May

As the spring season is the start of the industry event season, we have been present at many different events during the last month. On of our AgBots has been present at these events: AMATECHNICA Amazone, Grüne Innovationstage, Agriplanta, Salon Groupe David, Demo Event in the UK, Future Farming & Food Experience and the Motorsport weekend in Vellahn. Successful events with lots of interest and good conversations. We hope to see you at one of our next events!

The big AMATECHNICA in-house exhibition at Amazone on May 23rd, with machinery shows, a field day and festival for farmers contractors and sales partners at Hasbergen-Gaste, Germany.
This year, there has been a special “Walk of Innovation” tour and we have done demonstrations with our AgBot 5.115T2 with Amazone Cenio AutoTill and at a different location the AgBot 2.055W4 was shown.

Grüne Innovationstage
The second edition of the Green Innovation Days in Bovenau, Germany. An event that sets new standards. This event was held on 29 – 30th May. Philipp Kamps, our Product Manager has been speaking at this event and doing demos with our AgBot 5.115T2.

Our partner NIK Romania has been present at this event in Romania from May 23 – 26. They have been doing demos with their AgBot 5.115T2 pulling an Agrisem cultiplow. An implement which is usually pulled by a 250 hp tractor. This was the first time for our partner NIK to an event with their new branding and the first time that the AgBot was shown. They’ve had 2 AgBot 5.115T2’s present, one of which went directly to a customer and the other one will continue to perform demos across the country.

Salon Groupe David France
This was an event hosted by our partner Groupe David from 24-26th of May. Every second year this Salon event is held by them, and this year was the 10th anniversary of this event. This event shows new technologies that are happening. It was nice to see our machine doing demos for a group of people. Looking forward to seeing the machine running the fields.

UK event Peter
A special demo event on May 17th in Malton, UK.
A demo done for the Chairman of the UK Potato and Horticulture council, to understand more about the labour challenges in the market. A successful demo with good conversations.

Future Farming & Food Experience
Last Thursday, May 30th, the Future Farming & Food Experience event in The Netherlands was held. An event organized by the NPPL, IRS, ACCRES and Boerderij van de Toekomst. Our partner Weevers Nieuwstad was present at this event and showcased their AgBot 5.115T2. Nice event with good conversations.

Motorcross weekend MC Vellahn
A somewhat different event than others. One of our customers in Germany asked us to help him with a Motorcross event in Vellahn on May 25 & 26. Both their AgBots 5.115T2 and 2.055W4 were present at this event and the AgBot T2 was used for the racetrack preparation. Lots of attention for our AgBots and a fun event to join!

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