International Fruit Tree Association Event Canada

This week our partner Provide Agro demonstrated the AgBot 2.055W3 in Canada at the International Fruit Tree Association annual meeting.
150 Fruit growers from throughout the world saw the AgBot working through 280 acres of apple orchards.

The machine was running at 7 km/h applying 500l/ha of spray to demostrate the machines path planning as well as the onboard ‘Weed-it’ system.
This has 3 levels of images that monitor the trees and turns the spray on and off to reduce wastage.

With warmer, hotter summers, spraying for apples and pears becomes more challenging as growers are unable to spray at temperatures above 24 degrees C.
Therefore sprayer-operators need to rise at 04.00 am to cover enough area before the midday sun stops them.
Running the AgBot 2.055W3 with HSS sprayer will allow for spraying through the night were agrichemicals can be more effective.

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