New Portal features

During the last weeks, we have been working intensively on improving our AgXeed portal user interface, the routing and our AgXeed mobile app.

Some of the highlights are:

Obstacle routing modes: which allow you to choose to map a headland around an obstacle or not.

There are 3 different obstacle routing modes possible:

  • Headland: around the obstacle will be a headland with as many headland lines as on the field headland. The mainland lines are straight up to the obstacle.
  • No headland: the routing is done like the headland routing with straight mainland lines, just without working the headland lines in a circle around the obstacle.
  • Pass: the mainland lines are curved around the obstacle.

The obstacle routing can be changed for every obstacle in the settings, even after the field is saved.
It is not possible to delete obstacles which are uploaded while creating a field. It is possible to add new obstacles afterwards. These obstacles can be removed later on, and do not influence previously routed tasks.
If part-fields are added to a field with obstacles, the obstacles are automatically inside the part-field. The obstacle routing for the same obstacle can be chosen independently for every part-field.

Improved usability of the portal:
The structure of the Property Settings, like farm and field, has changed. It is now easier to edit and add new properties and switch between the Dashboard view of one property and the settings view of this property.

Information map layer selection:
You can now find all maps in the top right corner is a pop-up selection of different information map layers. In this selection you can (de-)select or show and hide for example, farm locations, field boundaries, part fields and calculated routing. The shown selection depends on the map itself.

Just like in the portal, it is now possible to select different layers on maps in the AgXeed mobile app. Different layers could be, routing, part-field, labels and geofence.

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