Two 5.115T2 AgBots en route to the UK

Last week, marks the dispatch of two more 5.115T2 AgBots from our factory, en route to the UK.
The initial unit has been purchased by a customer situated south of Manchester, while the second unit embarks on an extensive demo tour across the UK. This compelling journey will kick off in Lincolnshire, collaborating with a substantial 4000-acre customer, before progressing southward through Norfolk and Cambridge.

For the initial fortnight, the AgBot will be paired with a front-mounted Proforge 3m disc cultivator and a rear-mounted Proforge 11-tine cultivator. The primary objective during this phase is to efficiently prepare a seedbed in a single pass, streamlining the cultivation process. Following the completion of these cultivation operations, the next stage involves initiating the seeding process using a 3m Amazone Power harrow/Seeder.

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