Volker Hack

One year after delivery, we had exactly 1200 operating hours on it and it didn’t even go for a drive on the road. No tractor has ever managed that. However, rarely has a tractor driver done his homework so patiently and precisely. Many would have thrown the towel on the spading machine at 1.5 km/h on a 12ha field

Volker Hack

Necessary tillage operations were always postponed, if not forgotten, because of the harvest peaks. Even a larger tractor would not have helped, as there were no drivers. Contractors were out of the question because the structures are too small.

Less fuel consumption and maintenance work

Enables agronomy driven farming

Reduced wear and breakage of implements

Performing tasks patiently and precisely

The more stable the AgBot runs, the higher the motivation to use it even more. In fact, with almost every job that comes up in the field of soil cultivation and mulching, I wonder why we should do it with a tractor.

Volker Hack